BAF attempts to bring leading educationists, researchers, think tanks, top leadership of the State and Central Government as well as civil societies together on one platform to drive better policies and more importantly their efficient delivery through effective monitoring mechanisms, primarily in the education sector. Promoting social inclusion through effective implementation of the Right to Education Act and building social accountability systems around schools involving students directly have been BAF's major focus areas. BAF is eligible to work anywhere in the country. However, given the vastness of the State of Uttar Pradesh and severity of the social and development challenges present in the state, the Foundation has focused on Uttar Pradesh in its 75 districts. BAF team has been spearheading the cause of equitable access quality education for all through the tool of RTE 25% reservation scheme in private schools. State government and BAF joined hands and worked on implementation of section 12 (1)(C) of Right to Education Act in the State of Uttar Pradesh, and through this provision got over 4,500 admission orders across 26 districts of Uttar Pradesh in 2015. Over 3000 children have been reported to be attending their schools. Currently BAF's main focus is on effective and efficient implementation of section 12 (1).(C) of RTE Act in all 75 districts of Uttar Pradesh.

Mission and Vision

BAF aspires to achieve a society where every child is educated, every woman is empowered and every person is healthy

Addressing issues related to education, health and women through association, counselling and collaborative efforts.