Our Team

Vinod Kumar Yadav
Bharat Abhyudaya Foundation Chairperson & Member

Vinod is working in the areas of education and public health. He has led several social awareness campaigns in Bihar and UP. For several years he has worked in the areas of agriculture, education and health. He set up a team of international experts for combating deadly Japanese Encephalitis disease in UP and Bihar. He worked with the government on bringing several policy changes for prioritizing cancer care in the country. He has B. Tech from Madan Mohan Malaviya Technical University, Gorakhpur, an MBA from Southern Methodist University, Texas and Master in International Development from Harvard University.

Ghanshyam Tiwari
Bharat Abhyudaya Foundation Secretary & Member

Ghanshyam is a devoted educationist and leads a team of experienced professionals under his start-up Gooded Technologies. He is our key strategist for developing education programs. Ghanshyam has B. Tech from National Institute of Technology, MBA from Kellogg School of Management in Chicago, and MPA from Harvard University.

Princy Prajapati
Bharat Abhyudaya FoundationProgram Manager & Member

Princy Prajapati is an academician and is working with many national and international agencies to improve the public education and public health system in the country. She has taught electrical engineering at a private technical university. She is a masters in technology from Madan Mohan Malaviya Institute of Technology Gorakhpur.

David Mario Denis
Bharat Abhyudaya FoundationVice-Chairperson & Member

David has worked for over two decades to improve the higher education system in the state of Uttar Pradesh. He has collaborated with organizations and professionals to improve efficiency and transparency in the university examination system. Davis has his education from University of Pune and IIM Lucknow.

Mehul Jain
Bharat Abhyudaya FoundationMember

Mehul is an expert in education, environment and public policy. He has worked with World Bank for several years and also been part of the World Bank team for Ganga cleaning and management. He has B Tech from NIT Jamshedpur,  MS from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and Master in International Development from Harvard University.

Ramdhan Yadav
Bharat Abhyudaya FoundationMember

Ram is an entrepreneur and CEO of a technology firm in the Boston area with an office in Hyderabad as well. His strength is in application of technology and his team has developed advanced programs for data science and data analytics for students and is successfully running in many US and Indian Universities.

Arun Gaurav
Bharat Abhyudaya FoundationMember

Arun studied at IIT Kanpur and then at IIM Lucknow. He has been associated with Bharat Abhyudaya Foundation since its inception. He worked on right to education projects across the State of Uttar Pradesh.

Irfan Alam
Bharat Abhyudaya FoundationMember

Irfan Alam is a social entrepreneur and has done remarkable work in the area of social and financial inclusion of poor people and workers in the unorganized sector. His work has been identified and commended in India as well as in other countries. He is known for working with rickshaw pullers and developing a model to give them ownership of their rickshaws. In 2010, he was invited by US President Barrack Obama to White House in Washington DC. Irfan is now working in the areas of social inclusion and public health. He is educated from IIM Ahmedabad and Harvard University.